2024 Tournament Rules


At the Mandatory Registration Check-In one (1) hour before your first match, all teams must provide either virtual or physical Coach and Player I.D. Cards from 2023-2024 season (or newer if available) with photographs and registrar’s signature. All cards must be from USYSA, US Club Soccer, AYSO or USSSA.  Team managers will be provided a match report card for their team which they will give to the referee prior to the start of each match.  That signed match report card will be returned to the Scoring Tent at the end of each match to report the score.  Players participating in the tournament must be on the roster on the match report card prior to the team’s first match.  Rosters are frozen once the first match starts.  Players cannot be added to the roster after the commencement of the first match.


All players must be legally registered with their team prior to Mandatory Registration Check-In. Teams may register a maximum of twenty-two (22) players (2006-2012), sixteen (16) players (2013-2014), and twelve (12) players (2015-2018). There is no limit to the number of borrowed players (with player cards) a team may use. Players can play for two different teams as long as they are not in the same bracket and flight AND they are on both rosters prior to the team’s first game of the tournament.


No less than five (5) minutes prior to the start of each scheduled match, each team must present the match report card to the referee for check-in. A team failing to report within five minutes of a scheduled kick-off will forfeit the match. At the conclusion of each match, the referee will give the match report card back to the team manager/administrator. A team representative must sign the match card. Signed card with scores must be returned to the Scoring Tent to record the scores.

No grace period will be allowed to start a match. A team with less than the minimum number of players, seven (7) for 11 v 11, six (6) for 9v9 & 7v7 brackets, ready to play when the referee is ready to begin the match, will forfeit that match. Referee will start play at the designated time or as soon thereafter as possible in the event of a delay by a preceding match.


Both teams and coaches will sit on the same side.  Parents and supporters will sit on the opposite side of the field mirroring where their team is sitting.


The Home Team will be the team which appears first on the match schedule. The Home Team will supply the three (3) match balls. The Home team should wear dark colored kits and the Visiting team should wear their white or light-colored kits. If there is a kit color conflict, the referee will instruct the Home Team to switch to an alternate jersey.


All teams who forfeit will have the match(s) scored as a 0-1 loss. The winner will be awarded eight (8) points (6 for the win; 1 for a goal and 1 for a shutout). If, at the discretion of the Tournament Director, a forfeit provides an unfair advantage, the Tournament Director may make an adjustment in the bracket. Teams forfeiting their first match will be assumed to forfeit all of their matches unless they contact the Tournament Director at least 3 hours prior to their subsequent matches.


Teams shall be awarded points on the following basis:

  • Six (6) points for each win
  • Three (3) points for each draw
  • Zero (0) points for each loss
  • One (1) point for each goal scored, up to a maximum of three (3) per match
  • One (1) point is awarded for a shutout (a zero-zero draw is a shutout)
  • Eight (8) points for each forfeit.

In the event of a tie in the points standings, for advancement from pool play the winner will be determined in the following order:

  • The winner in head-to-head competition
  • Goal Differential (+3 goals max per match)
  • Fewest Goals Against
  • Most Goals For (3 goals max per match)
  • Most shutouts
  • If a tie still exists after steps 1 through 5 above in the Pool play rounds ONLY, a coin flip will be used for advancement.


Flight of 4 Teams:  Round Robin play. The top two teams with the most points will advance to the Championship match.

Flight of 6 Teams:  Cross play. Top 2 teams with the most points will advance to the Championship match.


For teams withdrawing from the tournament prior to the entry deadline or teams not accepted into the Tournament, a full refund will be made. NO REFUNDS will be issued after teams have been notified of their acceptance into the tournament. If the tournament is canceled for weather, Acts of God, or any other circumstances beyond our control, 50 % of the tournament fee will be refunded.


Age groups 2006 to 2012 play 11 v 11 with size 5 balls, 2013 and 2014 play 9 v 9 with size 4 balls, and 2015 to 2018 play 7 v 7 with size 4 balls and with build-out lines. FIFA Laws of the Game will apply as modified by USYSA and CYSA-South as described. Duration (in minutes) of match by halves.


Age GroupPool Play (minutes)

All pool play matches will be terminated not less than 5 minutes prior to the start of the next match regardless of the amount of time played in each half up to that point. A match is “complete” upon completion of one half of play regardless of the circumstances of termination, with final results based on the score at termination. Pool play matches may end in a draw. Semi-Final and Final matches ending in a draw will go directly to FIFA Kicks from the Mark. NO EXTRA TIME. Only the players on the field at the end of the full time may take a kick.


Halftime will be exactly 5 minutes.


It will be at the Referee’s discretion to determine the safety and suitability of the player equipment including the wearing of a hard brace or cast.


Teams may substitute only with the referee’s permission, at any stoppage of play.


Coaching from the sidelines (giving direction to one’s own team on points of strategy and position) is permitted, provided:

  • No mechanical devices are used
  • The tone of the voice is instructive and not derogatory.
  • Each coach or substitute remains within 10 yards on either side of the halfway line
  • No coach, substitute or spectator makes derogatory remarks or gestures to the referees, other coach’s players, substitutes or spectators.
  • No coach, substitute, or spectator uses profanity or incites, in any manner, disruptive behavior.


All red cards are reported by the Tournament Director to the team’s governing body.


Players 2014 and younger shall not engage in heading. The following rules will apply:

  • If a player intentionally heads the ball, the opposition will be awarded an indirect free kick from the point of the infraction.
  • If a player (either on offense or defense) intentionally heads the ball within the 18-yard box, the ball will be placed in the nearest corner at the top of the 18-yard box.


All coaches have total responsibility for the conduct of their players, bench, friends, and spectators at all times. During a match for this tournament, a referee may stop the match and eject a spectator from the grounds if, in the opinion of the referee, the offender is guilty of violent conduct, serious foul play, use of foul or abusive language. Each coach and assistant coach shall be held primarily responsible for the conduct of the spectators, for or from their respective teams and as such may be cautioned or ejected if a spectator(s) interferes with the match, dissents the referee, is guilty of violent conduct or foul play, or uses foul or abusive language. At no time will dissension or foul or abusive language be permitted on any field.

  • At no time is there to be any alcoholic beverages at the tournament sites.
  • ​Pets are not allowed at any of the tournament sites at any time.
  • ​Tournament sites are smoke-free environments; no smoking is allowed.


If, in the opinion of match officials, a match must be suspended (for reason), the match may be resumed, but is subject to being ended not less than five (5) prior to the scheduled start of the next match. If in the opinion of match officials, a match must be terminated for misconduct of players, bench coaches, or spectators, the offending team may be suspended from further play and forfeit that match and all remaining matches. All previous points earned remain as played. Additionally, the home league and State Association will be contacted as appropriate.


All pool play matches will be terminated not less than 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the next match. Refer to “Playing Times.”

Championship Matches – delays of the match due to injury will result in the appropriate time being added to allow the full match time, based on the judgment of the officials.


No protests will be allowed during this tournament. The decision of the referee is final. The Tournament Director/Rules Coordinator will not overrule a referee’s on field decision. All matches will be considered final once the referee ends match. All disputes off the field of play will be settled by the Rules Coordinator or his designee and decisions will be final.